How Much Does it Cost to Clean a House?

All House Cleaning Services Have a Core Price for Simplicity The base rate is currently set at £15 per person, per hour. This can vary depending on the following: The oven needs cleaning internally; one or more carpets need shampooing; rubbish needs disposing of; there is limited or paid-for parking outside. Why not check out … Read moreHow Much Does it Cost to Clean a House?

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning for your Home Many of us believe that a nice deep carpet is the making of a cosy home. The thing is though, carpets are a major trap for dirt, dust and anything else that spills from your glass, cup or plate throughout each day. In fact, experts suggest that our carpets are … Read moreCarpet Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

When More Than a Quick Clean is Needed This service is just one of our Internal Domestic Cleaning Services On those days when you notice the carpet just doesn’t look inviting anymore, the oven is looking like it needs sandpaper rather than a cloth, or the bathroom has more limescale than enamel, then you know … Read moreDeep Cleaning Services