Internal Domestic Cleaning Services

Discover our Internal House Cleaning Services

To help you quickly find the services you are looking for, we have broken them down into just a few main categories.

Our Internal Cleaning Services

Here, we are discussing the common cleaning tasks needed around the home, and how residentia Home Services can support you with them.

General House Cleaning Services

This service is provided at a fixed hourly rate and is typically used for general housekeeping tasks, such as a weekly makeover to help a family keep on top of all those household chores.
A typical household would generally subscribe to 2, 3 or 4 hours per week.

See this page for more details about tasks and rates.

End-of-Tenancy Deep Clean

This service is for those deep cleans after vacating a property. It is typically for rental property where another tenant is ready to move in and the contract requires you to make it pristine for them.
A deep clean gets into those areas that are usually overlooked, and is far more time consuming
A typical deep clean will take 4-6 hours of labour, depending on services requested.

this page for more details about tasks and rates.

Carpet Cleaning

This service can range from the removal of a stain, such as a wine spill, or a complete, through-the-house shampoo.
The task is made more complex if there are pet hairs present and/or there are stains or burns to the carpet that need extra attention.
Our agents can work around or move furniture, but ideally, the best time for a clean is when the carpet is free from clutter.

See this page for more details about tasks and rates.

Oven Cleaning

Oh don’t we all love this one?
The oven is subject to all sorts of spills, spits and burnt remains.
If it is not looked after constantly, it can soon become a bit of a war zone.
there’s no wonder it is one of the most popular requests for cleaning.

See this page for more details about tasks and rates.

Refridgerator Cleaning

This would typically be done during a standard house cleaning session (if requested).
In most cases, a family will get through food fast enough for their fridge to remain easy to clean.
Sometimes though, it does need a little extra TLC, just to get any hidden hazzards out of the way of food.

See this page for more details about tasks and rates.

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