How Mrs Hinch Changed the Direction of the Residentia Cleaning Services

Sophie Hinchcliffe hit the headlines of pretty much all the national media outlets in mid-September 2018.
Known to many thousands of followers on instagram, Mrs. Hinch became an international sensation when stories of budget-friendly-cleaning hacks started getting mass media attention.
The quirky nature of the sink cleaning story impacted on many in their homes but also hit the radar of a Lincoln-based Home Services business with pretty dramatic effect.

Tony Grant, CEO of Residentia Home Services Ltd., was browsing the internet in search of inspiration when the story hit the top of Google searches. As cleaning is not normally a headline topic, it certainly caught the attention, and immediately set this cleaning company director on a deeper search.

One interesting fact from Mrs. Hinch’s stories was the use and trust in age-old cleaning products, such as white vinegar and baking soda. As the search continued, it was noted that tips and tales from other sources also kept referring to these products. It was becoming clear that age-old-kitchen classics were as good, if not better than many chemical-based modern alternatives.

Not only were the benefits clear from a cleaning angle, the fact that these were natural products made it ever more interesting. Residentia Home Services get inquiries almost every day from homeowners who are asking for natural or eco-friendly products to be used.

Parents with young toddlers are much more informed these days, thanks to stories such as Mrs. Hinch’s. They rightly demand the safest of cleaning agents are used, especially for carpet cleaning, where their youngsters are still crawling.

The initial mission for Residentia was to provide a service that made sense in a modern world. This included the introduction of household budgets that could be used for any service on demand, rather than being restricted to unannounced cash-in-hand monthly calls from window cleaners, that really aren’t needed on that day.

Residentia also brings together all of the household maintenance chores under one roof, so that homeowners now need not have 4 or 5 different cash-in-hand tradespeople arriving at their door in apparent random times.

The one part that Residentia hadn’t committed to at this stage was for the use of eco-friendly products. Yet having read the stories in the press about this Instagram influencer, it started to make perfect sense.

It’s not just about eco-friendly though. There is also a call for non-animal ingredients, which on investigation are remarkably more commonplace than one might first think. Many household detergents and branded cleaning products will often contain several animal-derived ingredients. While the labels aren’t quite so obvious, it might be worthwhile checking for this short list of offending ingredients:

– Caprylic acid, which is sourced from milk;
– Tallow which is rendered beef fat;
– Animal glycerol and steric acid, both of which are animal fats;
– Animal lecithin which is a waxy nervous tissue;
– Oleyl alcohols which are sourced from fish.

So, as a day of casual browsing turned into a trail of shock discoveries, the CEO of Residentia decided to convert all current Home Cleaning Services into eco and vegan-friendly services.

It might not be possible to use substances that fit both categories all the time, but each process will be clearly labelled, and offered under the soon to launch Residentia Green range of services.

Tony Grant stated “Although we know this will cause complications along the way, we believe that our service should not only meet with modern consumer buying preferences, it should also meet with our environmental responsibilities, taking care of today, so that our children can have a brighter tomorrow.”

To learn more about Residentia Green Home Cleaning Services and products, please visit and look for the Green branding.

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