How to Reduce End of Tenancy Charges

There are many reasons for moving home, whether as a tenant or as an owner. For most people, it is easy to see how the move could take several weeks to complete, even for property rentals. It might also be expected for additional costs to be incurred along the way. However, can it ever be possible to leave a rented property behind, without curious charges being added to the final bill, and deducted out of deposits?

Before exploring this in greater depth, it should be stated that tenants do have rights, and good guidance can be found on the Which site at

So, having mentioned that, it might be worth considering the financial implications of moving house as a tenant.

It is normal practice for a rental property to secure at least one month’s rental value as a deposit. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for three, or even 6 months equivalent value to be requested.

This places a significant burden on a rentor, as not only do they need to find this large sum in order to move in to a new property, if moving from a prior rental property, they already have a similar amount tied up in that contract too.

As there is a cross-over between paying the new deposit, and getting the previous one back, this can be money that is often ill-afforded. In fact, the new deposit might even be borrowed, on the expectation that the previous deposit will be returned in full.

However, there is a worrying trend that is emerging. As new regulations squeeze down on letting agents as to what charges they can and cannot pass on to new tenants, they are increasingly looking for more creative ways to generate or replace that income.

One of the ways seen recently is through referencing charges, where the new landlord requests prior landlord disclosure on tenant payment history. While this is often satisfied by a simple email response, letting agents will still charge £25 upwards for this notification.

Another more worrying way, which is long challenged, is for agents to state the property is not cleaned sufficiently well, and to charge £80+ for another deep clean.

The main issue here is that this demand against a withheld deposit is not made until after the keys are handed over, and there is no way of checking if that deep clean ever occurred.

Even when asking for proof by the letting agent, it is commonly refused or ignored. The letting agent knows only too well that the deposit is needed to be returned at the earliest point possible, and therefore can play on the fact that most people simply can’t afford to dispute this fact, and let any deposit remain withheld until a resolution is reached.

When renting property through a letting agent, there is often no direct contact between tenant and landlord, and so again, it is impossible to check if those charges were genuine or represent actual costs to the letting agent.

So What is the Solution?

Residentia Home Services are only too aware with this situation, and have decided to try to bridge the gap between the departing tenant and letting agent.

By coordinating deep cleaning services with the letting agent, the process can be carried out with the agent’s full awareness and engagement.

By getting the agent to sign-off the deep clean, a tenant can not then be charged for cleaning that may or may not have occured.

Not only that, but Residentia Home Services will also guarantee the end of tenancy deep clean service, so that if a letting agent does try to charge for further cleaning, the Deep Cleaning Team will return and deal with any outstanding concerns that are directly related to those charges against deposits..

tony Grant, CEO of Residentia Home Services Ltd states “There is a lot of things relating to renting a property that is stacked against the tenant. Moving house is stressful enough, without the additional worries of deposit retention. Our services are designed to make the experience better for the tenant. By reducing the risk of charge-backs and by moving any existing cleaning services to a new address, it is hoped that any move will be the exciting experience it should really be”.

For further details about our End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning Services, and to learn more about our guarantees, please either visit or call 01522 246282

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