Where to Find Residentia Home Services

Residentia Home Services started out from Lincoln, which is now their Head Office location.

Although we do try to keep the location listings up-to-date, our rapid growth means that we might still lag behind our expansion into new localities.so, if you don’t see a town near you in our list below, it might be worth giving us a call to see what our plans are. The more we hear about your region, the sooner we will be there.

As well as actively seeking new locations, we are always on the lookout for people to join our team. So if you feel you would like to be a part of our success, please reach out and lets chat.

Current Locations

This list is set alphabetically by county name, then city name.


Office Location Telephone Number
Boston Area 01205 337247
Gainsborough Area 01427 809604
Grimsby Area 01472 730130
Lincoln Area 01522 246282
Sleaford Area 01529 404228
Spalding Area 01775 665722
Spilsby Area 01790 728128

request our attention in your home area.

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