Teams Now Working from Gainsborough

Gainsborough Extends the Action Team Network

Following on from the launch of our Boston Action Area, Residentia now enhance their coverage in Lincolnshire with a new Action Area based in Gainsborough.

Working out of Market Place, Gainsborough, DN21 2BX, you can reach the team directly through their dedicated phone line on 01427 809604.

It was never clear whether Gainsborough should be serviced from Lincoln, or the North Lincolnshire area offices. In the end, we felt that Gainsborough actually deserved its own special attention and that team should be created within the town itself.

Gainsborough Action Teams

For starters, we will establish an Action Team to cover Internal House Cleaning and Garden Service tasks. The External House and Commercial Cleaning will continue to be serviced from the neighbouring teams for the first few months, but by the start of 2019, we certainly intend to have a full compliment of Action Teams working directly from Gainsborough.

Why Gainsborough

The above section sums up much of the tactical thinking, but more than anything, we see Gainsborough as a thriving community that has seen incredible growth over recent years. It has developed its shopping experience and now attracts more people than ever as the popularity grows.

Gainsborough is also central to many smaller towns, that are not themselves so close to the major cities around, such as Doncaster, Lincoln, Grimsby and Nottingham.

Residentia won’t stop here though, once this new Area Office is up and running, we will be looking towards further opportunities across the nearby border, into Nottinghamshire and beyond.

Why not Join with Residentia

whether you want to simplify your own household chore management, or feel that you could bring something to our Action team network, why not reach out to us at the number mentioned above.

We are always happy to talk about business, delivering great service, and ways to provide our customers an even better service.

Where will the Gainsborough Action Area Cover?

the primary areas to be covered from the gainsborough office are Misterton, Beckingham, Lea, Walkeringham, Morton, Sturton-Le-Steeple and West Stockwith.

If you need to contact the Gainsborough Team, here are their details:

Manager – Joshua Winters
Address: 5 Curtis Walk, Market Place, Gainsborough, DN21 2BX.
Telephone: 01427 809604

You can also reach our main offices in Lincoln by calling 01522 246282 or emailing

We look forward to chatting to the people of Gainsborough.

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