Represent Residentia as a Local Agent in Your Town

Residentia Wants to Grow Your Business

Residentia Home Services Ltd is looking for strategic business partnerships across the UK.

We are on a mission to reach every corner of the country, and we need your help to do this.

In return, we will reward you for your support, and in a way, this is almost like getting free money into your business.

What Will I Get as a Residentia Agent

When you are approved as an agent, you will get many benefits, as well as cold hard cash too.

Well, to be honest, it will be cold, hard, BACS payments, but if that works for you, then that’s great.

The very first thing you get is our sign-up bonus paid into your account. That establishes the link between our banks and puts the relationship on a formal basis.

Next up, you will be assigned a unique local phone number. This is where potential customers will call and get right through to one of our very helpful staff.

Then, every time anyone from that number books an appointment with us, you get paid a commission.

No matter how many times they use us, whether it is today, in three weeks time or in 27 years from now, you will get that same commission, each and every time, guaranteed.

The beauty is, you don’t actually need to do anything, we do it all, including the marketing.

What Will it Cost Me?

This is the best part, (well the best part after the money you get each and every month), being an agent doesn’t cost you anything.

You will never pay us anything at any time. The bank payments are totally one way, from us to you.

Our monthly payments will be delivered as a legitimate business revenue, and the only person who might ever put their hand out is for our beloved HMRC. We can’t help that, but there has to be worse things in life than paying tax on free money eh?.

How Long Does it Take to Sign Up

From the moment we first speak, to the moment your agency goes live takes approximately 2 weeks at the most and more likely up and running within just 1 week.

The first (introductory) payment will be in your bank just 7 days after the first step is completed, then you will get payments each and every month for any customer who call and order services through your dedicated phone number.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to even speak to these new customers, the number is redirected to our sales team so there really is nothing to worry about.

Are There Any Extra Benefits?

The way we see it, you are in a true win/win situation.

You will be the only business permitted to use (or get paid through) your unique phone number.

Then, as long as work is coming our way, and money is flowing your way, you will be the only person in your area to be a Residentia Agent.

So, on top of exclusivity and earnings, we also add in another ‘e’ for exposure.

Along with promoting our own business, we will promote your business as a local agent.

You will get the full benefits of our marketing department adding some amazing ranking power to your website, and we will help you all along the way with any support for your own online exposure.

Over time, while working as a Residentia Agent, you will see your own business flourish too.

We have some of the leading experts on online marketing right within our company. We have tools and resources way beyond what most local web developers would have, and this simply must lead to great things for your online exposure and business overall.

How Do I Get Started?

The easiest way to get started is to drop your details in the simple form below, then we will reach out to you at the time of your choosing.

It will take maybe 20-30 minutes to chat through the opportunity, so please pick a time when you can take that call without too many disruptions.

Don’t forget, there are NO commitments, NO charges or fees, and absolutely NO catches. You are free to say thank you and goodbye at any time in our relationship.

Is My Business Right to be a Agent?

As long as you have a walk-in store, you should be good to go.

We do place a priority for local exclusivity to business types, ranked in this order of preference:

  • Local Launderette
  • Local Dry Cleaners
  • Local News Agency
  • Local Foodstore
  • Local Post Office
  • Local Service Station
  • Any other business type
    • Final Words

      Residentia Home Services is dedicated to becoming the Number One Home Services Business in the United Kingdom.

      We place our customers at the center of everything we do and we work hard to deliver a service that is precisely how they would like it.

      Residentia Home Services is truly the modern way to manage your home and household expenses.

      We offer a single point of contact, with no crazy contracts, no fixed cleaning schedules (unless that is what they want), no cash payments and no needing to trawl all over the internet to find a decent trades person.

      We could go on forever, but the truth is, we are proud of our brand, we want to protect and grow our brand, and if you help with that vision by becoming a Local Agent, you will find much of this massive positive exposure will shine on your business too.

      We truly hope you join us soon and we look forward to welcoming you on board.

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